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The automatic watch is self-locking and does not require the use of a battery like a quartz replica watches. The main drive (equivalent to the battery) in the automatic replica watch is charged by the wrist when the wrist is worn.

The rotating semi-circular rotor on the back of the clock. When the clock moves (or is tied to our wrists or when it is shaking), the rotor is free to rotate.

This will then further pull the Replica Tag Heuer main drive, increasing its potential energy and power.

In addition, we can manually twist the clock by rotating the crown.

As a former quartz watcher, I know how awkward it is to suddenly realize that your fake watches are dead without any warning.

This is even more disappointing when you are busy trying to catch this semester or an important meeting. The death clock can completely jeopardize it and give us the wrong time. Totally unpleasant!

For automatic replica watches, this is no longer a problem, as you will replenish your power reserve every time you use it.

The obvious action is actually different from the action beat. Only the second arm moves at high speed, starting with 6 beats per second (that is, within one second, the arm “jumps” 6 times).

Therefore, it seems that the second hand moves smoothly, but if you look closely, you will notice the tiny movements.

There are also automatic Replica Tag Heuer watches that have 8 shots per second or even higher. As the speed of movement increases, higher strokes per second will make the movements in your hands smoother.

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