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Crystal: Surface protection (dial).

Housing: Protects the movement of fake watches (eg replica omega watches) from the dust, mold or vibration of the outside world, providing a stylish and fascinating fake watches.

Belt: There are two kinds of metal belts and chains.

Ring: The mirror is kept in the table. There are two types: one is fixed and can provide a good appearance; the second type is one-way rotation, which is mainly used in sports watches, as long as the index 0 can overlap every minute. diversified.

Bottom cover: The block is locked into the hinge locking screw, the locking screw and the locking pressure 3 in a protective internal moving replica watches mode block.

Dial: Mainly used to display time at the same time associated with the design of the Omega replica. It can be developed in a variety of forms, with a variety of materials, and with a choice of simple paint or stamping.

Pointer: Used to indicate a specific moment.

Crown: The date and time used to set the circuit, either by steel or gold.

Fasteners: mainly stainless steel, titanium.

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