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The automatic mechanical replica watch still retains the function of manual winding. In other words, you can still rotate the crown to wind the windings. There are only a few relatively inexpensive robotic movements, such as the Seiko 7S26, 7S36 and ETA 2842, which will pass. The functional and active fake watch continues to maintain namotuvatysya, a fully automatic mechanical replica watch that is designed to prevent wearing a tight-fitting fake watch to avoid damage to the clock mechanism. However, the emergence of fully automatic mechanical watches can not completely replace manual mechanical replica watches, automatic mechanical hours, but food than manual mechanical replica watches.

Automatic mechanical watches, there are also many improvements, such as Seiko push dynamics men’s clock, the principle is still the weight of the oscillatory wrist to generate electricity. There are many types of automatic hours, but the principle replica Rolex of operation is roughly the same. The self-winding unit is mounted in motion and can be seen by opening the back cover. The automatic Swiss watch movement usually has an automatic hammer (weight) for the general structure of the rear wheel in the relatively thick climate table, the reverse hub, the hub has an automatic transmission, an automatic wheel and the like. Automatic hammering on the central automatic hammer shaft. Under the action of an external force, it rotates around the center and drives the rotating wheel. The rear wheel mount also rotates the wheels of the automatic transmission.

The wheel of the automatic transmission automatically connects the teeth of the grinding wheel head and the main wheel with the large steel teeth to enlarge the steel wheel. The teeth are rotated one by one and placed on the rod. The automatic table automatically returns any direction that may be in the panel. Unlike one-way reverse devices, two-way reverse devices or fake Rolex brackets and circuits. Now more automatic watches. The movement ETA2892, the double lion 46941 calibre is a two-way automatic winding. Most eccentric – using an oscillating hammer (automatic tower or automatic hammer), it has a semi-circular disc, relatively heavy metal enters, and the edges are thick, so most of the weight is at the top edge, using The earth and the swing handle rotate the center of gravity of the person and also manage the drive train to rotate the spring to the rope.

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