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The most appropriate dial thickness is a problem when buying a watch. Some people prefer thicker replica watches because they emphasize the personality of the owner. Some people prefer thinner watches because they are lighter and more artistic. What is the optimal thickness for viewing? The following is an introduction to your main fake watch.

The thickness of the timepiece is the vertical distance of the mirror at the bottom of the fake watch, including the thickness of the mirror. Mm is usually used in units. Mechanical clocks are typically thicker than quartz and timers are larger than normal clocks. The thinner the mechanical motion, the higher the technical requirements.

Quartz replica watches, usually less than 6 mm thick, mechanical clocks are generally between 7 and 12 mm, and 11 mm is also a relatively thick mechanical replica watch. More and more brands are launching ultra-thin watches, such as the Earl Altiplano 900 P, which is 3.65 mm thick. He broke the record of the ultra-thin master series jaefer lecoultre commemorative replica watch.

In this era of light and subtle persecution, everything in front of you is extremely refined. As a result, subtle and refined watches in the family are becoming more and more popular. In addition to the inheritance of classic and innovative innovations, the model of ultra-thin appearance is not too bulky or too heavy. Many business people tend to like easy replica watches, so ultra-thin replica watches are becoming more and more popular.

Around the world, the thin and slim watch is always the first choice for buying a replica Panerai watch. Almost from the 1950s onwards, there was a “slim battle” between popular brands. Generally speaking, in the direction of the mechanical watch and the edging watch, the movement of about 2 mm must be thin, the automatic edging watch, 5 mm, the movement of the grip is very good. Today, the overall trend is lighter, more precise, and thinner, although there is no explanation for the calendar, tourbillon and other complex features. This is more in line with elegant elegance.

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